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I'm a donut.

S = sound file L = lyrics T = transcription

--side/disc 1-- originals

S L T  01. the fires of life
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben)
searching for clouds at the bottom of the sea
watching the fish that were searching for me
our lives our governed by others' desires
we're all just food for the ever-lit fires
the fires of life, the fires of being
our bodies they're taking but our ashes they're freeing
what you don't have, you can't get by crying
and what you don't know, you can't learn by dying
and strangely, when you die you won't know if i'm lying
and now that i'm anchored to this murky ocean floor
i wish i'd get to land, so i could learn more

S L T  02. i am the sunset
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: reuben)
i am the sunset
i am the sky
i am the first teardrop
every time you cry
i am your idol
your idle mind
i am nothing
nothing that you'll ever find
i am the twilight
i'm the moonrise
i am the first blood drop
every time you die

X L X  03. a walk on nature's grave
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: reuben, jonbobby mcfee)
you only get one shot before you try it again
so don't waste time with a first for everything
skip to perfection, your life will be smooth
if you start with mastery, there's nowhere to move
when you are perfect, you don't need to change
but people will like it because perfect is strange
you'll fall to the ground and you'll be on a rise
seeing a new world through exciting new eyes
i love that creepy little way
you cut my heart out and threw it away
and you sit in the roses, you play with the thorns
and you become an angel when you're hiding your horns

X L X  04. the helicopter
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben, paul)
a helicopter in the sky
sees everything like the unknown eye
inside the head of creation
use my brain as a trampoline

S L X  05. i am a mask
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: paul, jonbobby mcfee, reuben)
a wind in the tree
a sea in the fish
a dog on a flea
a fountain in the wish
when i was young like i am now
i took everything i owned and threw it away
although it was so long ago, it was also yesterday
does he really say what you can see?
or does what he thinks he's saying hide behind me?
yes, i am a mask and if you have to ask
it's too late
too late
emotions are too much, keep a static life
and you'll float up to the heavens with a knife

X L T  06. the little people
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben)
we look at all the little people
when we're flying through the skies
on a dragon but we aren't seeing through
anyone but our own eyes
and we look at all the little people
in their little people lives
when they're running around with their wives
and we watch them all die
when they're running around in their lives
and we can smash them with our knives
and we can cut out all their eyes
but no matter how hard we try
we can never get rid of all the little people

X L X  07. fishie
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben)
i'm blue i'm red i'm cold i'm dead
fishie fishie fishie fishie fishie fishie

X L X  08. a simple lie
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, paul, reuben)
sounds simple, yes it does but is it? yes it is, a simple lie
never mind, don't try. i'll not give up my superior position
bounce off mine and stick to compliment fishing
see the smallest picture and believe you've seen it all
if you had it wouldn't matter, you couldn't fix even the small
it's one of depression's tactics, every time you play her
on this very ugly banner i write in such an ugly manner
we're all destined for disaster when we find out there's no master
everyone's lying, but at least they're
trying to help you or maybe themselves

X L X  09. a reflection of a dream
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee w/paul; music: reuben)
blankets, sheets and everything
wrapped around him like a queen
a slow rocking motion is quickened to a twitch
from a twitch to a seizure to a dream to a wish
to a world of wishes, and a road that winds among them
you can look as you want, but not bring them home
you may look, you may touch, you may steal from their place
but you'll only get lost and you'll die and you'll waste
until you return, with a jolt as you wake
a few tears in dreams over years are a lake

S L T  10. the swirly maker
(lyrics: mysterious yellow paper w/jonbobby mcfee & reuben; music: reuben)
racism, sexism - undermines values
driving forces
1. something of great value is missing
we can't experience a relationship with god because of sin
2. all out search for what's missing - you never give up when it's your own flesh & blood
3. people matter to god
god puts a great level of compassion on being a contagious christian.
do others really matter to us as they matter to god?
when people begin to matter to us it changes the way we act.
it's really easy to shrug off people who don't matter to us.
if you want to have a heart start hanging around with the ungodly.
broken heart
take the time to get to know a person if you want to become a contagious christian.
when you begin to see how god is working in that person's life.
don't get to close to the swirly maker
don't let your nose be a salt shaker
don't create for the sake of getting better at creating
create when you have something to show the world

X L X  11. evil
(lyrics: paul; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben)
evil evil evil joe
sitting around with evil moe
see 'em in the evil snow
and away the evil goes
on its way to the evil show
starring evil evil foe
all the evil's in a row
until the evil's got to go
10 or 20 years from now
it ends up by an evil cow
when the evil strikes again
next time it might be a hen
evil evil is so cool
evil is the only rule
in my favorite evil school
where there is no evil pool

S L X  12. in-line skates(or "the president")
(lyrics & music: reuben)
i was out for a jog one day
i saw people turn and run away
why do they stay away from me
why do they want to climb a tree
come back, come back
you didn't finish your big mac
hey wait, hey wait
you didn't lace up your in-line skates

X L X  13. the planet of hate
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben, paul)
quality time with a denny's napkin
if i were in a tornado with a bunch
of denny's napkins, i'd take off all my
clothes just for fun. please, mommy, please
bang my head on the wall one more time.
ohhh yess thank you i love that
horrible pain! OOOH AAAH OOOOH
YEAH! suck that stucco off the floor!
we have the things for a real war!
suck that stucco off the floor
i am the most beautiful of the ugly
a thin layer of lies covers the planet of hate

X L X  14. fat-headed bobby
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben)
bobby went to school
he didn't make any friends
that's 'cause he had a big fat head

X L X  15. death
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben, paul)
i've found death
he stands on a hill of alphabet soup
it says something, or so i hear
but i can't quite read it yet
i'll walk up close to him
he'll get me when he's gonna anyway
up here everything is so clear
the alphabet soup is him shouting with no words
you can get close and you can read what he tells you
all the interference that's from here gets mixed in
yeah i walk back and forth through the soup of confusion
don't wanna sleep forever
but i wouldn't wanna be awake always either
now that i got friends in both places

X L X  16. holy water(previously titled "bad religion")
(lyrics: paul? music: reuben, jonbobby mcfee)
you take a peepee
i do?
you take a poopoo
i did
you wipe your butt
so do you
no i don't
yes you do
no i don't
yes you do
wanna see?
i guess you don't
feels like i'm walking on holy water
that's the peepee
feels like i'm walking on sacred ground
that's the poopoo

X L X  17. nobody
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: reuben)
nobody is the man i see now and then
i visit him, he visits me
we ride on the roller coaster
up and down and up and down and up
until we get to nowhere
and all the things we see now and then
but later who can say?
we take a ride and then we fall down
and then we walk in circles
round and round and round and round
until we get home again
nobody, nobody, you're not a good friend
only an acquaintance whom i see now and then
nobody, nobody, will you be there in the end?
maybe if it occurs when it is now and then
and all the things we talk of now and then
we walk around, then we sit down
and in the dark he talks to me
blah blah blah blah blah blah
and he knows i cannot hear him
nobody, nobody, you're not a good friend
only an acquaintance whom i see now and then
nobody, nobody, when will i die again?
i hope you are there, like you are now and then

X L X  18. i'm a donut
(lyrics: the piz; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben, paul)
power is the ability to do idiotic things and watch people interpret it as important and serious.
you must go blind in your mind before you can really see
feelin' bored, maybe i'll blow my head off or hang from a tree
and swing back and forth very slowly
i'm in love with bon jovi
da da da da daat daa daa
what kind of love?
what sort of creature are ye?
how strange
loop of poop makes the group droop
buccaneer johnny tastes his own eye
thermometrical apple gripped the face
the pomegranate said, "hey guys, i'm a pomegranate"
my corndog elbow is sorely getting old
i am god. i am god. i am god.
i am sam. i am god. i am superman.
i am god.
zap! pow! i just killed you
any last words? too late, you're dead
ha ha ha
how do like death? are you having fun?
shut up you're dead
you're a donut.
you're a donut.
you're a donut.
you're a donut.
i'm a donut.
you're a donut,
you're a donut.
you're a donut!
i'm a donut.
i'm bobby bob bob bob bobby bob bob.

X L X  19. i don't know
(the piz)

X L T  20. the land of water
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: reuben, jonbobby mcfee)
set your blood free take a dip in the ocean
or a swim in the bath
then go ahead and act like you're frozen
or sitting on a log with a stiff pet animal
wearing only cowboy boots and a bra
if you look my way i'm changing the channel
don't go towards the light, it's been turned on forever
sit in a dark corner until i can find the off switch
i'll find it when it's not so bright, not as soon as never
i'll join you in his corner, the coroner's the one with a twitch
a twitch and a seizure and a beheading all in one night
one night of leisure and of dreading and of flight
flight to the land of water in the sea of gravel
the frozen sea of gravel too big to swim
or drive or in any way travel

X L X  21. the pink lake
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben, paul)
you seem so real
make me feel so fake
like my shadow's reflection
or my reflection's shadow in a pink lake
something i don't watch or even care about
you make me into something that i don't care about
i don't want to deal with but i can't deal without

X L X  22. thoughts
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: reuben)
hearing the thoughts of all of the world
is a horrible thing indeed
a confused mess is all it creates
and still i know not what they need
i can't think myself, hearing everyone else
so they think me dumb or insane
if people concerned themselves with more important things
perhaps i could be of some aide

X L X  23. the dentist
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, paul, reuben)
a false start in the human race
i'm a dentist who can only push a tooth
"what a random thought i've become," said the words
the eye of nothing stares at a king
i saw two colored men, many of them
both black red and green
did i say it all?

X L X  24. bitter
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben, paul)
you are so bitter, chocolate sugar honey
in the makeup and the glitter, think yer cute but yer ugly
i wanna shoot you with a windex bullet, so you can see
when you look in the mirror, who it'll really be
don't blame me, your looks haven't changed
only your mental books telling you things that are strange
they're all gone, they burned themselves after you wrote them
they were long and fully illustrated, but now you can see yourself

X L X  25. the monkey
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: reuben, paul, jonbobby mcfee)
the monkey is laughing he's laughing at you
for paying your money just to see him laugh at you

X L X  26. unabridged
(lyrics: bob random; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben)
impulsion broken sungari facile mixoploid
samadhi time eye church of rome brokerage
thalamus rotation axis give dignified titus
north highlands summit impoverished ripe fixed star
unplumbed back escudo honest john reasonable
hydroquinone extricate munition glass block
irradiation reason sate speed indicator camper
frame percolate broken line demoralize semiellipse
weather report handicraft argument tree jorum
tea the crowfoot bark protanopia homologue
digestion keen prognosticate any callithump
manhattan lactiferous utterance traveler

X L X  27. the flamingo
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: reuben, jonbobby mcfee, paul)
stick out your right leg and wave your arms like mad
this is your signal to me so i know you're sad
sad because you're ignored. your leg is cramping up.
i don't see you because i'm no one, and no one cares
no one cares for everyone but the sad,
the muscle in your arm flares
you want attention and start to cry,
but you're not seen or heard
you look like a flamingo trying to fly.
i hope something eats you, pathetic bird.

X L X  28. the old brain
(lyrics: jonbobby mcfee; music: reuben, jonbobby mcfee, paul)
poison drips like drool from the sleeping vein's mouth
burning blood inside dies with unheard shouts
an old brain pulsates with vanishing life
a new brain comes, to replace the dead
an imagined brain, created by the old head
the old head shuts down, just to make way
for believing ourselves, that's the price we pay
a dead brain drowns in poisoned blood
trying to swim in the self-induced flood

X L X  29. how much do pants cost?
(reuben, jonbobby mcfee)

X L X  30. no (jazz version)
(lyric: jonbobby mcfee; music: jonbobby mcfee, reuben)

X L X  31. officer bobby (live)live at the rialto dec. 18 1997

X L X  32. little bunny fu fu (live)live at molly's house
(the piz)
little bunny fu fu

X L X  33. the cow song (live)live at molly's house
(lyrics: david; music: the piz)
how many cows can you buy for a dollar?
five five five
how many girls can come when you holler?
five five five

X L X  34. homework (pipkendass version)
(lyrics: chris; music: reuben, jonbobby mcfee with jeremy and james)
reasons, money, gnognog, eghei
they taste like something
i don't know where the cord is stuck to
but i'm not singing through it
please spare some change for this
vocal cord transplant
i really need it
my larynx was crushed
in a horrible accident
involving a big cardboard box
now i'm out here on the street
and there's nothing for me to do
but sit and count the days as my life goes down the drain
and uh, i'm just stuck out here smelling other people's garbage
licking the sweat off of the coins that are handed to me
well, it's better than mcdonald's
gimmie some feet

X L X  35. salamander/monkey jig (live)live at skrappy's
(lyrics: jonbobby; music: jonjohnny)

X L X  36. coconut juice (live)live at molly's house
(lyrics: bobjohnny w/jonjohnny; music: jonjohnny, jonbobby, bobjohnny)

X L X  37. happy land
(jonbobby mcfee, reuben, robbie)

X L X  38. 38

X L X  39. paper m*
(the piz)

X L X  #@40. defenestration (CD only)
(reuben, jonbobby mcfee, paul)

X L X  #@41. evil plus four (CD only)
(jonbobby mcfee, paul, reuben)

X L X  #@42. the squonk(CD only)
(robbie, reuben, jonbobby mcfee)
(the squonk is a mythical wart-covered bird who is always feeling sorry for himself.)

--side/disc 2-- covers

X L X  01. enter sandman

X L X  02. party all the time
(the umpteens)

X L X  03. undone - the sweater song

X L X  04. beautiful friend
(the cranes)

X L X  05. bloodletting
(concrete blonde)

X L X  06. the circus song (circus cleaner)

X L X  07. apple of sodom
(marilyn manson)

X L X  08. welcome to paradise
(green day)

X L X  09. learn about colors
(peter pan industries)

X L X  10. one meatball
(from the depression)

X L X  11. bela lugosi's dead

X L X  12. wheelchair full of old men

X L X  13. rocky raccoon
(the beatles)

X L X  14. smells like teen spirit

X L X  15. tight like that

X L X  16. in the name of greg
(boy in love;)

X L X  17. dope hat (live)
(marilyn manson)

X L X  18. the man with eyes like little fishes
(thee headcoats)

X L X  19. longview
(green day)

X L X  20. terror couple kill colonel

X L X  21. come out and play (CD only)

X L X  #@22. nursery rhyme medley (CD only)

X L X  #@23. blind (CD only)

X L X  #@24. bela lugosi's dead (CD only)