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Reviews of the Piz


"BUH" --> DUH?Misheard Piz lyrics. Submit your own.
fake magazineSee a big stupid picture and read words (an excerpt from a fictional trendy online magazine).
Plastic Tree BranchAn interview in Plastic Tree Branch.
Jim Santo's Demo Universe Jim Santo featured The Piz as a pick of the week in his Demo Universe.

Reviews of Piz recordings:

  Insert Piz Here->
  Peace Monkey Flimp
  Circus Maggots
  the zid
  the educational album
  The Bloody One
  Spezielle kratzfeste Oberfäche
  Return to Stupidland
  The stagnant river Nothing
  Diverse Uniform

  Snow Pants

  Officer Bobby/the b-side

Reviews of The Piz-> in general:


"listening to the piz never fails to get me laid" said

"If the Piz were a porcelain monkey, the Piz would certainly have moveable arms. So that he could bang together little metal cymbals. That's what's so classic about the Piz, is that he can bang stuff together, even if it's not small and metallic." said Flashlight Peanut Justice

"I have not listened to your music and my opinion is still quite high!" said

"The Piz makes my rabbit DANCE in the mornings! Yup." said Jenni or LLAMABLAM

"I listened to your stuff and I forgot my penis was hanging out of my pants and then someone saw me. Then they tried to make an example of me but I was too quick and I put my penis away before anybody else saw." said badd shape

"i need a way to get all the recordings or at least the greatest hits off napster. start putting your stuff on napster now." said gordon

"I've never actually heard your 'music', but I'm just sure it's not really music. That's why it's my favorite..." said Doublefist John

"I'm not really somebody else. I'm the same person. I tricked you. Ha Ha. I think the Piz is really good. I've gotta go now. My peanut butter and you sandwich is getting soggy." said somebody else

"your web page is funny." said somebody

"Next up is the Piz." said the Tucson Weekly

"yr music is hotter that the peanut butter and pickle sandwiches my momma fires in her bathtub."

"Long live PIZ!"

"how the hell do you come up with this shit??? you guys are nuts."

"Interesting stuff! I like it."

"Hey Piz, you guys play some whacked out, wild, crazy ass, kitchen appliance rock. I love it!"

"it's great...like zappa."


"the piz is my very last least favorite band" said a nice gentleman

"i love your thing that says piz" said iebvduoasnbcbeoeufuj

"what makes the piz unique is that they're the best!" said bubble

"I've abandoned my entire CD collection in favor of Piz tapes." said satan

"we idolize you" said three-headed steve

"you are the coolest" said someone we don't know

"those tapes will be worth money someday" said a deranged homeless woman

"[the piz] are the best band ever of course." said two-headed steve

"i love the piz" said joe with three arms

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