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Snow Pants: Reviews

Hey, you! Your piz or holiday music collections are incomplete without this theme album. I dug "Frozen Winter Salad" and the brutal honesty of "Hey You, Gimme a Present." "Jengle Bills" is great background music. The perfect accompaniment to any party.

- Ms. G. Goat

I love the Piz christmas album. Some true classics on there. Santa's arms are made out of toys...his legs are made out of candy...wonderful!

- Dave

At least it does'nt come with glass!

- Jarl Bar - Tar

we liked this one alot. maybe too much color though. the first song and the last are the best.

- Konshu Scum

That song where we left the tape rolling and played stuff at random is by far the best. He was a happy man because he had a pot of gold and a decent job. The finest snowcap lard on the planet. Way better than Manteca.

- Oliver Harmsby

It's good. It's all about me. Ho ho ho!

- Santa Claus

a recorded monument to Nog, the 'spirit' of christmas. oops, not that, obviously more jolly than most hair sprays.

- Mr. Salty

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