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The Bloody One: Reviews

i'm a fan of upbeat tracks like "the scary towne" and "death of a pencil." the psycho vocals are the best.

- Ms. G. Goat

A true masterpiece. It exists in its own time and place, outside the bounderies of conventional music. This album will change the way you live your life.

- Roy Spinto

this cd is the greatest thing since that time i did some stuff and then forgot what it was and then typed this

- gazgukhullthrakka

This is a great album.

- Cud 2000

i was a regular person but now i listened to the bloody one and have died because it's so scary it will make you dead. then you will be scary, like 'the bloody one'

- a dead person

the bloody cd just arrived. love the titles! it replaced the boss in our jukebox.

- ?????

Fifty-two, count 'em 52 selections of very bizarre, silly and morbid music; sort of a cross between Captain Beefheart, Stephen King and Dr. Seuss. Such titles as "Death Of A Pencil," "Bananas In Blood" and "Melting Platypus" give a good idea of what this recording is all about. Although basically rock-oriented, many of these many, many songs have a circus feel, like galumphing elephants. Led by arch-weirdo Reuben Vinal, The Piz (as they are commonly known) have released five cassettes, of which The Bloody One is the lastest. The preceding tape, The Zid, will be reviewed as soon as I recover from this profoundly disorienting experience.

- Jim Santo's Demo Universe

the scariest album ever. be sure and die while listening to this. the cds have 8 bonus tracks with whimsical titles such as "it's fun to be dead" and "shadow of blood."

- Mr. Salty

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