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i like anything with "robbie" or "bobby" in the title, particularly if it is sung by someone named robbie or bobby. therefore "officer bobby" kicks butt. oi. upon first listening the album reminded my companion of prog rock wizards oho. i'm taking his word for it.

- Ms. G. Goat

we would have liked more color on the album. but it still has a few good tunes

- cud 2000

A Cornucopia of noises, samples, dubs, blurbs, vague movie references, clamor, hubbub, and pure pandemonium. In simple terms, a hootenanny that will make you feel like your doctor slipped Ritalin into your Pez dispenser and that you are watching a marathon of Pee Wee Herman cartoons. There are a total of fifty songs in all brought to you by the McFee brothers: Jonbobby, Bobjohnny, Bobbobby, and Jonjohnny. I love it!!!!

- Gail, Mutant Renegade #12

the 4th piz album and possibly the most consistent (50 songs in 60 minutes)?! the cd includes extended versions of "hidden secret guy" and "elegant journey" and an amusing disc stencil.

- Mr. Salty

Another bizarre set of silliness from the Piz. Although just 60 minutes long, The Zid is crammed with 50 songs, a new record for artistic density, I believe, and a bargain at any price (the tape is supposed to cost three bucks but if you plead poverty you'll probably get it for nothing) Violence, despair, paranoia and alienation seem to be the basic themes of this cassette, as evidenced in such tunes as "Johnny & the Platypus," "Hidden Secret Guy," "Rat Friend" and "The Haunted Sheep." There also are numerous exercises in pure absurdity, like "Chocolate Dinner" and "A Trip To Cheese Mountain," and a heap of delightfully named instrumentals, including "Prune Boy Runs Amok," "Kidney Shot To The Head" and "I Wouldn't Give You A Bucket Of Water If You Were Drowning." Together for less than three years, the members of The Piz are just hitting their stride (and learning how to play their instruments, but they already stand tall in the ranks of the seriously strange.

- Jim Santo's Demo Universe

A transposed delight, The Zid is the latest album from Tucson's schmanciest, home- grown band, The Piz, and it couldn't be later! On first listen, I swore that these songs were recorded in another world. Not only are these New Zwitzihalla and Hopkend guys cute, they're also talented zombie pirates.

Don't let the initial station-surfing of "Change it, Bill"--a hand-hewn radio medly of the happy guys covering Nirvana and Bauhaus and mocking Marilyn Manson tunes--throw you!

Knot on a bib and indulge in their "Chocolate Dinner"--a delicious earful, surely molded with The Residents' genius in mind.

" 'Chocolate Dinner' is awesome," said Ruby James, the little fawn with the big, brown eyes who plays guitar for the band.

Indeed the song would fit seamlessly into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

"Oh. No. Please. Stop," said Willy Wonka, not too convincingly. The band plays on.

"Choke You and Kill You Underwater" is nothin' you've ever seen. With its syrupy falsetto flavorings, "Coconut Juice" embodies the lazy days of summer vacation, spent lounging on the beaches of Hawaii. The dissonant choruses of "Johnny and the Platypus" could instill paranoid neurosis in listeners. Colored with kazoo stylings, "Salamander/Monkey Jig" is a story of murder and mayhem.

"I see you through through all the mist and haze, and you frown all the while," sings the woodland creature in a voice reminiscent of Alvin, Simon, or Theodore.

Sung in the British rock tradition, "Officer Bobby" documents the brutal plight of a police bobby with imaginary friends against a rival anarchist with real friends. The pagan "Into the Cathedral We Go" reminds me of the anomie present in the back of the antique shop in George Orwell's 1984; read it now for true pleasure before you are made to read it for senior research. "Bone in the Road" is the soliloquy of a pretty neglected pup.

"Jacket, the Brown" is Eli "Jonbobby" McFee's favorite track on the album. McFee plays bass--wrongly--for the band.

"Brown jacket, please come back; brown jacket, I miss you," pleads Robbie Cushman, the band's vocalist, before he comes to terms with his loss and floats in the clouds, high above the trees.

In the meantime, the drummer Paul Henry looks for a skinny arm. Write to Ruby, 4214 N. Paseo del Campo, Tucson AZ, 85745-9678, USA, Earth.

- Katie-Kat Pukas

i adore "rat friend."

- the man with two right legs

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