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Circus Maggots: Sound

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1 02. A bunch of jocks
"Biting social satire with a shameless plug for 'The Piz.' " The idea for this song came from walking by the locker rooms after school every day in high school, where there would often be a football team. 1:37
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1 06. Little Sally
"The repeat of one of the few lines in this song, 'Little Sally was sitting around' leads us to believe, but just hints at, her boredom. Whether she was bored or not is impossible to tell, and it is precisely the song's lack of psychological insight or narrative conclusion that is so intriguing." This is one of seven songs on Circus Maggots with identical music but different lyrics. The purpose of this was primarily to use up some old lines of song lyrics, but also as a stupid joke for people to figure out as they listened to the album. This particular song had new lyrics written for it rather than old ones. 0:16
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1 07. Evil Bob vs. Jerry
"What is so intriguing about this song, I think, is the new voice which comes in after the death of Jerry. We are familria with two personae, Jerry and Evil Bob, yet after Jerry's death Evil Bob states the obvious and a new strange voice (who is this second person?) comes in and answers with a sarcastic remark which turns into a reduplication of the comment, pointing to the 'reduplication': of the Evil Bob persona." The lyrics were written in order to use a stupid concept, developed by jonjohnny mcfee one night, which is heard in the second section of lyrics. 1:56
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1 08. Big Banana Generation
"Not only disturbing in its confusing use of what should be a very phallic symbol, because it is not at all about a penis but rather just a banana, but also disturbing by the presence of the father, pushing the Oedipal theme even further while at the same time refusing to offer up the sexual innuendos, leaving us to search for the underlying non-existent sexual overtones and to question why exactly are we looking for those overtones." The title is a mis-heard version of "big banana, gonna eat you." 2:09
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1 16. Conceited
"a seemingly fun trip into the mind of a conceited person, whose conceit manifests itself in this double personality. i think the two are meant to be one and the same, and then it launches off into this arrogant rant in which the speaker not only becomes another person, but all things and untlimately God." The second part of this song was added on later, after we sat around with an acoustic guitar and played the ending for 45 minutes thinking of different things to be. 3:18
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