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blsjnlsbalwivbalv - released January 1998 - Reviews

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I had this tape for a little while, but I traded it for something that I didn't need. Come back to me little cassette! I thought it was odd and noisy while I had it, but I've come to admire noisy music since I traded the ape. I remember saying "If I had a four-track and an organic mental illness I'd be in the house!"

- zorak space mantis

this is another really good album.

- Konshu Scum

the fires of life is really rad
and i am the sunset is really bad
i walk on nature's grave quite a bit
but the helicopter fell into a pit
i am a mask that walked through town
but the little people shot me down
fishie fishie where are thee
a simple lie will set you free
a reflection of a dream, a shining star
the swirly maker is what you are
evil was the shaggy pup
in-line skates were not laced up
the planet of hate is where i lie
fat-headed bobby refuses to die
death o trouble me no more
holy water laps the shore
nobody knows the truth you see
i'm a donut full of brie
i don't know but i've been told
the land of water is mighty cold
the pink lake is a metaphor
thoughts of radioactive smores
the dentist laughed in pools of red
bitter cravings filled his head
the monkey was such a silly lad
unabridged he wrote the iliad
the flamingo said to the flying shrew
the old brain's done, i need a new!
how much do pants cost?
no (jazz version), get lost!
officer bobby (live) was loud
little bunny fu fu (live) apple pan dowd
the cow song (live) was live indeed
homework (pipkendass version) made me sneeze
salamander/monkey jig (live) is a ballad
coconut juice (live) and papaya salad
happy land is the place where
38 men lived with a bear
paper m* hello gem.

i don't like the other side so much

- yonk the spipto

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