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blsjnlsbalwivbalv - released January 1998 - Sounds

S = sound file L = lyrics T = transcription

1. 01. the fires of life
It's about the fires of life. Also known as "Clouds of Knowledge." It says "boy that sounds bad" at the beginning because we had to record the vocals in such a way that it sounded really bad while we were overdubbing them. It was said on the first few takes so it was also said on the final take, as a "tradition." 1:23
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1. 02. i am the sunset
This is a nice song that features the sound of a cassette tape being fast-forwarded. There's not much to say about this one. The tape being fast-forwarded is a recording of jonjohnny mcfee when he was approximately 2 or 3 years old. 1:09
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1. 05. i am a mask
A maskerpiece. The bassline is in "dropped D" tuning. Isn't it good? 1:03
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1. 10. the swirly maker
A nice acoustic song, featuring lyrics inspired by a mysterious yellow piece of paper found at the mall while it was closed. Not only was there a mysterious yellow paper at the mall while it was closed, but there were also weird yellow spheres with faces hanging in the parking garage. They periodically made a weird screaming siren sound. There was one car on the top of the parking garage. Later on in the evening it was gone, leaving only some broken pieces of a headlight. The other part of the lyrics, the "swirly maker" concept, was invented by jonbobby mcfee in some class or other at school as part of "taking notes." The picture shows a spiral with someone standing next to it who is having his limbs become distorted because they are too close to the "swirly maker." 2:14
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1. 12. in-line skates
The alternate title is "the president." Due to a lack of new material for the blsjnlsbalwivbalv album, this song, like many on that album, was assembled using some old music that was sitting on a tape with some old lyrics that were sitting on a piece of paper. The lyrics also had other verses which were even stupider. 0:54
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