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Circus Maggots - released October 1996 - Reviews

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This is a great album. we don't pretend to like it. our band is something that can't even get people to pretend to like.

- The Konshu Scum

hello. listening to piz right now. thats all i will say on the matter.

just kidding. i love this tape. in fact since i have NOTHING better to do i will comment on each song individually.

A bunch of jocks: bitting social satire with a shameless plug for "THe Piz"

12 lb pork chop?: "surreal, in its use of circus imagery very fellini-esque.

monkey-song: i think the lsat stanza is my favoirte when no little monkeys crack their heeads open, and then the sexual tension between the doctor and the mother unresolved in the more traditional version is brought to a climax.

banana genreation: not only disturbing in its confusing use of what should be a very phallic symbol, because it is not at all about a penis but rather just a banana, but also disturbing by thie presences of the father, pushing the Oedipal theme even further while at the same time refusing to offer up the sexual inuendos, leaving us to search for the underlying non-existant sexual overtones and to question why exactly are we looking for those overtones.

little sallyt: the repeat of one of the few lines in this song "Little Sally was sitting around" leads us to believe, but just hints at, her boredom. whether she was bored or not is impossible to tell, and it is preciesly the songs lack of psycological insight or narractive conclusion that is so intriguing. especially like the music.

evil bob and jerry: what is so intriguing about this song i think is the new voice which comes in after the death of jerry. we are familria with two personae jerry and Evil Bob yet after jerry's death evil bob states the obvious, and a new strange voice enters, who is this second person? comes in an answers with a sarcastic remark which turns into a chinliing reduplication of the comment, pointing to the "redupication": of the evil bob persona.

anti-drug song: its complete honesty is what is so appealing about this song. gone is the bitting sarcasm of "bunch of jocks" replaced by an truly anti-gdrug song in which the parenthtical remarks remind us that thesse objects so associated with drugs also have meaning in a non-drug context. Again our assumptions regarding drugs (as were our assumptions about sex in "Big Banana":) are questioned and we are left to wonder about the extent to which we have been taught to think so much about sex and drugs.

sings of chaos: i love that wierd little jazz blrub on the hammond organ at the end.

My wardorbe: what to say about this song. perhaps things are just best left unsaid on this one.

Wobbly gus: i forgot how the music went to this one so im going on the lyrics..i think we all know a wobbly gus. the songs lack of judgemtnality (a word?) and simple observation makes it the least chanlenging song on this tape i think./

the jizake: didnt care so much for this song, just not my bag.

conceited: a seemingly fun trip into the mind of a conceited person, whose conceit manifests itself in this double personlity. i think the two are meant to be one in the ssame, and then it launches off into this arogant rant in which the speaker not only becomes another person, but all things and untlimately God.

Ashleigh: i think the appeal of this song lies not only in the music but also in its universality: dont we all know several "Ashleighs?"

Mr. Dog: without making any kind of jusgement or forming any opinion tthe song comments ont he simpliticy of being a dog the kind of simple life a dog leads. yet there is an ambivalnence in the song, an ambivalence which longs for the simple life which a dog leadss, and at the same time, disgust of living the life of a dog present in the second and last line. by stating simple facts, the song shows its ambivalnece and refuses to offer any kind of answer to the question "is it better to live the life a dog leads?"

slobering bil: agian a charming charactiure universsal in its prortrayal of this avverage punk, reminiscent of ashleigh and wobbly gus.

Rent- a cop bob: again bitting social sattire, yet at the same time wexactly how we are supposed to feel about rent a cop bob is completely unclear. a truly complex personality worthy of further study.

cornwallis in the fray: a silly version of a Ctosby stills nash type hippie folk songs of the messages of solidarity and brotherhood...infact completely subverst that message and pokes fun at the music of arlo guthrie and such..

too many pancakes: too true.

- anonymous

The Piz is crazy, silly stuff that sounds like it was a blast to record. The music itself has been compared to the likes of Primus and Ween, but the material covers a wide variety of random themes, such as conceit, insanity, social cliques, bananas, authority figures, and a super-hero known as Super Bourbon ("Yippy-o-yay!").

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