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Peace Monkey Flimp - released November 1995 - Reviews

I can't recall hearing this album.

- cud 2000

My wife Carole has never really appreciated The Piz, but she liked this one. "It sounds more mature than the other stuff," she said. "It has structure to it. On his other records, it sounded like Reuben was just dicking around." Chances are Reuben was still just dicking around when he made Peace Monkey Flimp, seeing as it was only the second album released by these Tucson jokesters. But I can't argue with Carole's assessment, and should add that it's also the best Piz recording extant. Remember, however, that the band's stated goal is to "create the worst music ever made," so in that light, Peace Monkey Flimp must be regarded as a failure.

- Jim Santo's Demo Universe

this album has more distorted noise than your garden hose, and it's longer. sounds more like the piz than ever. features good songwriting and insanely noisy drums, also 4 bonus tracks.

- Mr. Salty

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