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The Bloody One - released October 1997 - Sounds

S = sound file L = lyrics T = transcription

1. 03. the scary towne
Don't go to the scary towne. It's scary. This song features a guitar that is in some mysterious tuning such that it is impossible to play. Every time we play it live, it sounds completely different because we remember different parts of the lyrics and play different notes on the guitar. 2:58
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1. 04. death of a pencil
A heavy song with a nice mellow ending. The part about needing a pencil is a true story, but flunking the test is made up. While in junior high school, jonjohnny mcfee would sometimes forget to bring a pencil to school, which was not good when there was a test. He would look around outside to try to find one on the ground but there were only pieces of pens. Unfortunately tests in those days were always of the "scantron" variety, requiring a #2 pencil. A pencil could be obtained from the teacher, who, for some reason, did not want a dirty piece of a pen in return. Luckily, tests in that particular class were easy, especially when the teacher read off the answers to the test right before giving it. The music is also interesting. The guitar is played by jonbobby, while jonjohnny played the organ. 1:57
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2. 02. bloody spinal cords
A description of bloody spinal cords and all the ways in which they are scary and can kill you. The vocals were sung through a plastic tube. 2:07
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2. 04. on the boat
A song about life "on the boat." This song was built around jonbobby mcfee's bassline, which sounded "like a boat song." 1:30
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2. 12. you taste dead
You remind me of a strawberry bush. The idea behind the lyrics of this song was to have a chorus which seemingly has nothing to do with the rest of the lyrics, yet connects with them with words such as "and" or "yeah" or "because" as if it were a continuation of the "story" of the song, because we noticed this technique used in a number of popular songs and found it to be ridiculous. The drum part was inspired from a Casio keyboard rhythm. 2:10
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2. 14. bloody eyelash sauce
This song is about blood, death, and decapitation, but it's not really about candy. 2:51
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2. 27. larry's park (scary evil death version)
This is one of our "big hits," meaning that more than one person once said that they liked it, even though we were probably trying to sound stupid when we recorded it. This early take is the first time that we came close to playing this song correctly. 2:23
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