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Insert Piz Here—> - released August 1995 - Reviews

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The very first Insert Piz Here tape is, as Reuben warned in his letter, "incredibly terrible." However, the weird, silly charm is still there, despite, or maybe because of, the juvenile songwriting and the musicians' near-complete lack of instrumental ability. And who else is gonna give you 53 songs (ranging in length from four seconds to seven minutes) on a 90-minute tape? At the very least, this tape will annoy your parents, siblings, friends and neighbors -- a worthy goal in itself.

- Jim Santo's Demo Universe

that inevitable self-titled release is full of fuzz that would never be mistaken for "real" songs, yet somehow sounds more songlike than any other album by this band. proclaimed by reuben, the grand master of the piz, as "bad," this album is just what you need. (if you are jake.)

- Mr. Salty

your guys' tape is funny as f*@&.

- Monkey-Boy Jimmy from Alaska

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