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Return to Stupidland - released August 1999 - Reviews

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If there's such a thing as silly pop, then I suppose there must also be sillier pop. Then there's Insert Piz Here. I can't accurately explain the sheer nonsense you'll find on Return to Stupidland. It's like Nerf Herder performing on crack with monkeys in their trousers: 51 tracks of utterly inane drivel, backed by chaotic bedroom rock, making for an album that's difficult to classify. If you're a ten year old boy, I think you'll really get this record. If not, you're left scratching your head. Song titles like "The Orange Boat Apple Circus" and "Enormous Amounts of Knitting" do little to clear things up. As a DIY exercise the album is brilliant; pulling together all these crazy sounds into something unified isn't easy. I'm just left wondering what the result would be if the minds behind Insert Piz Here were applied to something less...well, silly. If you're in the right mood (or high), Return to Stupidland could be the life of the party. Otherwise it's simply puzzling.

- Noah Wane, Splendid Volume 5 No. 27

this is the best in terms of concept and ability, also creativity, but it loses a band feel much like our albums. contrived and shitt like us. We will never be good.

- Cud 2000

i like this album a lot. the zoo is the best even though it's a cover of a luna song. the museumship is excellent on this album. play mr dead for your living friends.

- awesome ant

This is my favorite album.

- Reuben Vinal

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