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How to Play Guitar

the standard guitar has six strings until you break some of them.
each string is tuned to its own note.
the fattest string is referred to as the "bottom" or 6th
string, and appears at the bottom of the tablature. this is sometimes
confusing to the beginner because it seems upside-down but who cares.
this is a representation of the 'head' and 'neck' of the guitar as it
appears from the position you should be in to play it (unless you have
a left-handed guitar)

(high E) |---------+----- <-skinny strings
     (B) |---------+----- notes->
     (G) |---------+----- body of the guitar that way--->
     (D) |---------+-----
     (A) |---------+-----
 (low E) |---------+----- <-fat strings
         ^the      ^the
         "nut"   first fret

of course you don't need to know anything about notes to play from
tablature. so forget all of it right now. the numbers on the "strings"
in tablature tell you what fret to put your finger behind.
an example:

-------8--- this tells you to play the fourth string at the fifth fret,
---5------- and then the third string at the eighth fret.
----------- the string numbering system is also confusing at times.

numbers in the same column are to be played simultaneously.
most of the songs on this site have 1 beat = ---- (4 spaces)
Now that you know how to play guitar, try some of our songs.

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Weird Tuning

B, F, B, D, F, D(maybe)
The first B is below the standard E. The second B is the octave above.
Usually this is actually a half-step down, but who knows?
And the "high" D should actually be a very low D, although I don't
really know what note it is.
It's just supposed to almost flop against the neck.
I just tune down until it sounds "good."

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Every time I remember or figure out how to play one of our songs, I type it here so I can remember in case we ever play a show again. But you may find it useful to play along with the Piz, pretend you're one of us, and see how incredibly simple and silly our songs really are, as if you couldn't already tell.

The table of contents makes it easy (and fun) to find songs. Yee-haw!

Now perfect your version of your favorite Piz song and record it so you can be on the Piz Tribute Album Volume II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!


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