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X L X 1. 01. The Pez®
(Lyrics: robbie; Music: the piz)


the pez!
going to the store, running down the aisles
cart in my hand and the cans are in piles
nobody knows what's running in my head
nobody knows that i need pez

i need pez i need pez i need pez

shopping in the store, looking for pez
nobody knows what i just said
running through the store, looking for that pack
suddenly i see on that rack
sitting right there, waiting for me
i see pez, oh yippee

i want pez i got pez i got pez

now i have my yummy pez
sitting right here, stuffing my head
but when i think it suddenly hits me that
this pez, it tastes like big brown crap

i hate pez i hate pez i hate pez