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X L X 2. 12. reuben doesn't like that title
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


sitting in the elevator, going up and down.
listen to that crappy music, looking at the ground.
waiting for the 4th floor, hope it gets here soon,
waiting on the elevator, stuck in this cocoon.
suddenly it stops, and here comes a cop,
one with a ponytail that looks like a mop.

wait in the lobby, don't go outside,
don't give me 'tude, i have my pride.
wait in the lobby, and don't say a thing.
if you give me a 'tude i'll say i'm king.

sneaking out the door, looking for the cop,
the one with that thing that looks like a mop,
crawling on the floor, heading toward the stairs,
the ones that move way down there.
finally we reach, the moving stairs,
that's when we see, pig with hair.

get up and run, fast as a ca
feet movin fast but it don't get me far.
he's right there, badge in his hand,
elevators blocked and i know that i'm canned.
what do i do, throw up my arms,
then i scream, i mean you no harm.


are you 18, i hope so
if you're not, you cannot go.
show your i. d. better whip it out fast
hope you had dinner 'cause it was your last.
what to do now, i don't know
but god i'm going to be late for the show.
maybe i should run maybe i should kick,
but all i know is i got to see that flick.


forget it, i