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X L X 1. 14. The Jizake
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


It's looking at me, everlasting
kind of like a bright light
but no end and no beginning
I could now make it out, sort of a rose.
Yes, there it is
Maybe it could fly so I called it over
Yes it's coming, coming, coming over
I could touch it
I could suck it
I could kick it
It's out of reach- oh god I can't get it
Please come back, please come back
you don't understand the pain
this black mass spreads over me,
the evil has touched me, taken me in
I can't get out, it's too dark,
please let me out
I can't stand the dark
only the evil eats my mind
you have taken the goodness in my heart,
evil death in my veins.
oh please help me

i don't want to die