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X L X 2. 05. Super Bourbon
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Jamie and the weasel playing happily
Jamie steps in the weasel's little pee
Jamie throws the weasel Jimmy in a Lego® house
Jimmy takes off his little polka-dotted blouse
Then he tries to get out of the dumb house
Stuck in there like a fat gray mouse

Super Bourbon
Super Bourbon

Along came Super Bourbon to save the day
His favorite little animal, a weasel. (YAY!)
He tries to fight Jamie but she's too strong
Jamie knocked him over like she was King Kong


"Don't worry Jimmy, I'll save you"
"I'm the man who knows Goatee-Fu"
Super Bourbon takes Jamie by surprise
Hits her with his goatee right in her eyes (WHACK!)
Super Bourbon helped the weasel and saved the day
Everybody yell, "yippy-o-yay"