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X L X 2. 23. Paul's purple dress
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Paul: Hey guys, like my hair?
Reuben: Yeah, it's neato
Robbie: I think you look like Eli which makes you look like a dork
jonbobby mcfee: What are you trying to say about dorks
Paul: Yeah, dorks don't like being called Paul & Eli
Robbie: Let's go play some pool
Reuben: I'm a cool kat
Robbie: What are you talking about
Paul: I'll play some pool with you
jonbobby mcfee: I hate you because you're fake, so I'm gonna play pool as well
Robbie: It all depends upon my special technique; I always either win or lose
Reuben: I said I'm a cool katty-o-kat
Robbie: You can just go stand by some people that think you're a dog & cat language
Paul: I feel like Robbie's an idiot when ha says that and I'm in this purple dress
jonbobby mcfee:Take it off yeah, yeah, yeah
Robbie: Who wants to break
Reuben: I'll break your head if you don't let me talk to a dog or cat
Paul: I'll break
jonbobby mcfee: I get to kill the winner because they're either fake or a school bus drive
Robbie: hey, everybody exercise a friendly relationship because we're getting too violent for things


Robbie: Hey guys, want to get some ice cream
Paul: Yeah, ice cream's superdeeduperly
jonbobby mcfee: Yeah, I want a double-dip dungsicle
Paul: Mmm, those are good
Reuben: I like Ice cream
Paul: Oh my, this ice cream's infested with circus maggots
Reuben: And there's Pat Sajak
jonbobby mcfee: I think I pee my pants
Robbie: Hey, you got ice cream on your shirt
Reuben: Hey, thanks cutie. Can you lick it off for me
Robbie: Sure sweetheart
Reuben: Thanks, cupcake
Paul: You guys are so weird