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S L S 03. johnny & the platypus
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


For some reason this is the song we always play first at our shows. The chorus "johnny and the platypus" is actually from another song written by bobbobby mcfee that is here put with new lyrics. The "lick it, shov it, keep it, end it" is spelled that way because it's from an altered advertisement for school photographs, which used to say "click it, show it, keep it, send it." While recording this song, we had an incredibly hard time with all the stopping and starting and hat to watch each other very closely. This now seems ridiculous because this song is very easy to play.


do you hate the way i look
do you read from your holy book
who is the face of your devil
take this hate to another level

Johnny and the platypus

do you hear little red people
how high is your erected steeple
what is wrong with a little fun
does your god bear a son

Johnny and the platypus

what's under your bed, little girl
did you check for me
what is in your head, little girl
is it i who you see

Johnny and the platypus

lick it, shov it, keep it, end it


guitar w/heavy distortion (1 beat = 6 spaces):
---10----8-----0-----10----8-----0-- upstrokes on this string
8-----0-----10----8-----0-----10---- downstrokes on this string
use alternating down/up strokes...yeah
repeat a million times

bass (with a pick):
            ^  ^  ^  ^ bend these

ending bass part:
or slide from the 7th up to the 9th
but only pick on the 7th like: --7/(9)--
but that looks too confusing.  --7/(9)--