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X L X 09. bone in the road
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


i wake up all alone, i'm sitting at home
i dig in the ground and look for a bone
i bury one here, i bury one there
i bury one wherever i don't really care
when my master comes home, i'm pissing on his shoes
he's always really drunk and smelling like booze
he kicks me with a foot, he slaps me with a hand
i'm digging for my bone, i'm covered in sand
he beats me with a stick, me beats me with a rope
he makes me take a bath, he washes me in soap
i wanna get away, i dig next to the fence
i steal from my house 42 cents
that should be enough to buy me a bone
for when i'm at home, sitting all alone
i see the mailman, he turns and tries to run
i wanna chase him because it's really really fun
i bite him in the butt, what a great game
there's nothing that I've ever played that is quite the same
there's only one problem, i still don't got my bone
i'm walking down the street and i'm still all alone
oh goody goody, i see me a bone
it's lying in the street, and it's all alone
me and the bone will make a happy pair
i run into the street super fast without a care
now i got my bone, but now i see a ca
i run left i run right but i don't go fa
the car hits me, i'm feeling kind of dead
but i got my bone so I'm happy instead