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S L S 14. coconut juice
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


One of the very few Piz songs featuring falsetto vocals. We thought the music sounded like the song should be about coconut juice.


i'm in hawaii
sitting by the sea
is looking right at me
i'll get some coconut juice
i'm getting sweaty
out here in the sun
i need a beach ball
so i can have some fun
i'm thirsty
i'd like some coconut juice
here comes mr. taco man
i dig through my pents
i'll buy a taco
for 25¢
bring me some coconut juice


guitar (1 beat = 8 spaces):

This isn't actually it, but it's close enough. perhaps with the guitar
tuned down a whole step it would match the recording. 

To play the bassline for this song, play all strings at once by banging
your right palm on the neck in different places while holding your left
hand on all the strings behind various frets.