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S L S 17. salamander/monkey jig
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


This song has a great kazoo solo in it. The guitar part was originally intended to be slowed down to half speed so it would sound weird but after singing the vocals at that speed, they sounded stupid so the vocals ended up being sped up instead. This song was partly sung through a tube.


as we walk through this forest, i know the voice of birds
i know and understand them and i will obey their words
i hear them speak you name and i know you are the monkey
your head falls to the duff and i go to a party...

there's nothing i can do, i can't escape his maze
i look and i see you, through all the mist and haze
and you frown all the while

the blood of salamander is what shall be drunk
the fire fills my stomach and I'm surrounded by the tree
i'll excrete my flame, and the tree it will be sunk
but i'll too descend shortly, because now i surround the tree

i die of starvation in the innermost curve of the maze
and through the frog's head you see me and you gaze
and you smile

falling through the layers to the bottom of the tower
to get back to the surface i will need more power
the monkey and the dragon are now my ruthless keepers
and there is no forest through which they wish to trod

(repeat first chorus)

flying through the trees


acoustic guitar.
chords are as follows:
verse: C, F, C, G, B7
chorus: Em, G, A, Em, D
silly yes