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X L X 29. the haunted sheep
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


what am i doing
and what have i done
i don't know what'cha want or what'cha do, hon
i don't know where you wanna go butcha can't get it
from me. ha ha ha.
i don't know what kind of ideas
you have inside your head
i don't know what you'll be thinking
five minutes after you're dead
ha ha.
i don't really care
i don't wanna know
i don't care 'cause i'm a gonna kill ya,
i hatecha ha ha
i hatecha
you're gonna die, bill
why don't ya just scream and shout
and wave your arms all about
and get real mad at me like you wanna
doesn't matter bill 'cause i'm gonna kill ya,
i hatecha
i hatecha
you're gonna die, bill. ha ha
go outside, look at the trees
sit in a dark corner, smoke some seeds
lie right down and eat your own tongue
you got your last meal
that's all you get,
i'm gonna kill ya eatcha hatecha ha ha
i'm gonna eatcha
i kill ya
i hatecha
hatecha hatecha
i hatecha
do whatever you want, you can't get away
do whatever you want, you're gonna die today
you can eat
you can sleep
there is no cure for the haunted sheep
you can run
and you can die
all that is because of what happened...
to me....