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X L X 1. 02. Mr. Pumpkinhead
(Lyrics: mostly paul; Music: reuben, jonbobby mcfee, paul)


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mr. pumpkinhead was sitting in bed
watching santa claus ride his sled
then he thought, "i wish i was red"
"maybe i'll just drink some lead"
so he went right into the shed
there he saw a guy named fred
mr. pumpkinhead said "what's up, fred?"
"got any of those pills that turn you into super shmed?"

super shmed
super shmed

right as mr. pumpkinhead put on his hat
he saw his friend rat chase a cat
then he said, "man i'm getting fat"
"but i'm still good enough to be an arizona wildcat"
mr. pumpkinhead got in his car
mr. pumpkinhead drove on the tar
he soon discovered he had a flat
dammit, where's michael platt
when you need to fix a flat

super shmed
super shmed
go to bed