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X L X 36. the spinning nonexistence
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


"No," said the apple, "I don't need any folding chairs today."
This confused absolutely no one, who was waiting outside at the time.
The apple came in to see her outside, but by then of course he was a pear.

"Let's leave now," the pear said.

"Not until i am finished arriving, my dear," she screamed.

"You'll have to speak up," said a passing bum from Pennsylvania.

All of this was very tiring for the pear, who became hungry and
ate himself, twice. She returned to the orange room, but disliked it's
dark pink color and decided to stay there for a while. That is when
several ants began circling around the idea of a barn.

"Whose idea was this anyways?" asked Bill the ant.

But there was no time for his question to go unanswered, since
none of that ever even happened. She of course realized this but paid
too much attention to acknowledge it because she was very involved with
nothing at all else. If this sounds strange to anyone that is because
she wanted it to.

"Which way to Seattle?" she asked. "I know it doesn't exist but
i need to be there tomorrow for last week's tree." At this a lightly
dark cloud rose up out of the ground beside her and told her that
Seattle did in fact exist, but that he couldn't understand why anyone
would go there, since it is made out of toenails, and is not actually a
place at all, but rather a dark pink banana.

"Thanks anyway," she tasted.

When all that was over with she became glad but cried because
she could not find her only possession, a paper bag full of another paper
bag full of yet another paper bag, inside which was the first and outer
paper bag. Written on half of the bags was the word "paper bags", which
in the language of the Bomgrintaoki means "love". she had lost
everything else too, except her mind, since she was only borrowing it
and had to return it to herself but instead forgot and put it under the

"If i had my paper bags, i would not need anything else," she
thought to herself and the girl sitting across from her.
the end

i'm sorry if the story makes no sense..."it makes sense to me," said no
one at all.`