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X L X 49. resting place of the black chains
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


my blood spews forth from death's mouth choking gasping for air (he couldn't take it)
(me) i vomit on love forever dousing the flame so rare (the flame that wasn't there)
remember when they were when i die off; i won't be swallowed, i won't be burnt...
cover my name with a cough and show me that you've not yet learned
i embody (enjoy) the emptiness around my own heart
i embody (enjoy) what no man knows when the world finally reaches its start
i'll know where it goes
you'll be there when i am dead (again?)
i'll be there too
as i am in all ends (i'm gone)
i'm always here (a red brown fog)...always near (i'm still here) (there)