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X L X 12. john
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


a long time ago
in a land far far away
lived a little man
and his name was john
and john had an old tree in his backyard
every day he would go talk to his tree
the tree had a strange voice (hhhhhhhh)
and one day the tree spoke
"hello john," spoke the tree
"i shall reward you.
i will give you one wish john
what do you wish john"
john said "i wish the power of hell upon my soul"
john was powerful now
after that day, he hoauaod
"johnny boy," his mother said
"johnny boy," his mother said
she cried blood down blood stained cheeks
as blood tears rolled from her eyes
"john come back to me" she said
john could not hear he
for he had already go to the other side
john was never seen again.
john please come home to me john