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S L X 1. 03. the scary towne
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Don't go to the scary towne. It's scary. This song features a guitar that is in some mysterious tuning such that it is impossible to play. Every time we play it live, it sounds completely different because we remember different parts of the lyrics and play different notes on the guitar.


don't go to the scary towne
if you do, don't stick around
scary towne is full of fog
so watch out for the evil dog
i'm attracted to your feet
you and i will have to meet
we'll meet up in scary towne
then we'll go and walk around
there's only three people in scary towne
one of them is a hairy clown
when we go to scary towne
we'll have to meet the hairy clown
he'll show us how to keep away
from the evil dog that day
but we have to leave at night
the evil dog will fly a kite!
his kite has big red scary hair
it looks kind of like the clown that lives there
the evil dog has come for us
we need to get to the bus
he'll bite your vest and rip your clothes
scratch your chest and bloody your nose
now we're dead in scary towne
we're gonna be dinner for the hairy clown
the dog and the clown make an evil team
it makes us all want to scream
aa ee aa aaa aa oo aaaaa