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S L X 1. 04. death of a pencil
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A heavy song with a nice mellow ending. The part about needing a pencil is a true story, but flunking the test is made up. While in junior high school, jonjohnny mcfee would sometimes forget to bring a pencil to school, which was not good when there was a test. He would look around outside to try to find one on the ground but there were only pieces of pens. Unfortunately tests in those days were always of the "scantron" variety, requiring a #2 pencil. A pencil could be obtained from the teacher, who, for some reason, did not want a dirty piece of a pen in return. Luckily, tests in that particular class were easy, especially when the teacher read off the answers to the test right before giving it. The music is also interesting. The guitar is played by jonbobby, while jonjohnny played the organ.


i need a pencil
so i can pass this test
teacher, give me a pencil
so i can pass this test
i'll jump you for your pencil
i'll give it back after the test
i chewed up my old pencil
so i can't take this test

ooooo uuouaaa

i flunked the test
i'm not the best
i need to get some rest
who woulda guessed
that i would flunk the test