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X L X 1. 23. mechanical death
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


ted went for a walk. when he was about 200 meters from his house, he looked to the left and saw an orange tree. to the right was the road. he thought to himself, "i'm hungry." so he picked an orange. he peeled it and ate it, and it was the second best orange he had ever had, and also the second orange he had ever had. then he died.

anne was sitting on her porch. she remembered that she left the tv on, so she got up and then died.

john was reading the newspaper. he found an interesting article about frogs. after that he died while climbing a tall tree.

pat sajak climbed a mountain and got out his lunchbox. someone had eaten his banana! he didn't get angry, but he was hungry. luckily he still had his sandwich. he sat down and died.

we are the piz and everyone dies
you're dead you're dead you're dead you're dead
dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead fart puke dead