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S L X 2. 02. bloody spinal cords
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A description of bloody spinal cords and all the ways in which they are scary and can kill you. The vocals were sung through a plastic tube.


walking spinal cords coming down the hall
eating all our children at the secret ball
walking spinal cords marching from the south
they got a scary nose and they got a scary mouth
dancing spinal cords in black tuxedos
eating all the children rolled up in burritos
scary spinal cords hiding in a tree
they jump down behind you and punch you in the knee
walking spinal cords setting us on fire
breathing magic air blowing up the magic tire
magic spinal cords riding to the moon
on the magic tire hidden in the magic balloon
walking spinal cords (aaaaa!) here they come (aaaaa!)
walking spinal cords (aaaaa!) we're all gonna die
walking spinal cords buying all the bread
mashing up potatoes like they mash our heads
walking spinal cords throwing scary arrows
scooping our heads into red wheelbarrows
chocolate spinal cords sweeping with a broom
cleaning the whole world except for your room
raver spinal cords, orange yellow and green
they're dead from the poison in the secret tangerine