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X L X 2. 07. insanity (plague remix)
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


i've got rubber chickens in my brain,
worms and masturbation and it's drivin me insane.
my head is on the fritz and i'm goin down fast,
the way that i am going i don't think that i will last.
vampires are looking for me left and to the right,
sucking my blood right through the night.
i've got the mighty morphin' crotch cricket on my head,
and with the powder puff girls i know that i am dead.
coming home with me is the monkey leg hair,
i'm mentally insane and i know 'cause i'm aware.
my brain is really fried and i'm really paranoid,
i'm a giant purple cow and my name is pink floyd.
i'm fallin' through space without a care,
i've got pretty yellow shoes but i don't have to share.
look through my eyes and see the past
only one person knows who will last
release your time and let us be free
oh how fun it will be
float in your waste and flesh
now your brain is turning to mesh
cut me off off from this string
don't worry i can fly without my wings
take my hand and i'll lead the way
into tomorrow and back through today