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S L S 2. 12. you taste dead
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


You remind me of a strawberry bush. The idea behind the lyrics of this song was to have a chorus which seemingly has nothing to do with the rest of the lyrics, yet connects with them with words such as "and" or "yeah" or "because" as if it were a continuation of the "story" of the song, because we noticed this technique used in a number of popular songs and found it to be ridiculous. The drum part was inspired from a Casio keyboard rhythm.


take my head and then smash it with a rock
and then take my hands and ya tie 'em in a knot
ya know ya cut me up and rip out my intestines
then put cyanide in the tea that i'm ingestin'

yeah, you remind me of a strawberry bush
and you like to eat little fuzzy animals
yeah, you taste kinda like peanut butte
and crackers and celery with cream cheese on it

burn me in a pit and bathe in my ash
put the water in a bag and take it out with the trash
go back to my house and set it on fire
and laugh your funny laugh and then go home and retire
until tomorrow comes, you'll be lookin' for another
maybe my dad or perhaps my little brother

(chorus out)


Dm                              G               A

guitar: play open chords. 
Dm becomes D on chorus. use all upstrokes on the chorus (i.e. "ska" style).
otherwise it is strummed in a somewhat complicated way that would take
a long time to figure out how to type. listen to the song.