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X L X 2. 20. i are the scary man
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


are you afraid of the scary man?
is his eggplant head too large for your liking?
are you troubled by the way he walks?
does his blood-curdling cry curdle your blood
are you afraid of the scary man?
are you afraid of yourself?
i have seen the scary man
are you afraid of your own eyes?
the eyes of the scary man are peaceful when beheld directly.
look yourself in the eye. you'll see.
the scary man stands always to your left
you can't see him.
does he put things in your head?
do they stick there forever?
like honey so sweet...
do you smell his breath corroding your skin?
i do.
i smell you, i smell him, i see it all.
are you the scary man?
ARE you the scary man?
you are the scary man!
...are you afraid of the scary man?