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S L S 1. 10. the swirly maker
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A nice acoustic song, featuring lyrics inspired by a mysterious yellow piece of paper found at the mall while it was closed. Not only was there a mysterious yellow paper at the mall while it was closed, but there were also weird yellow spheres with faces hanging in the parking garage. They periodically made a weird screaming siren sound. There was one car on the top of the parking garage. Later on in the evening it was gone, leaving only some broken pieces of a headlight. The other part of the lyrics, the "swirly maker" concept, was invented by jonbobby mcfee in some class or other at school as part of "taking notes." The picture shows a spiral with someone standing next to it who is having his limbs become distorted because they are too close to the "swirly maker."


racism, sexism - undermines values
driving forces
1. something of great value is missing
we can't experience a relationship with god because of sin
2. all out search for what's missing - you never give up when it's your own flesh & blood
3. people matter to god
god puts a great level of compassion on being a contagious christian.
do others really matter to us as they matter to god?
when people begin to matter to us it changes the way we act.
it's really easy to shrug off people who don't matter to us.
if you want to have a heart start hanging around with the ungodly.
broken heart
take the time to get to know a person if you want to become a contagious christian.
when you begin to see how god is working in that person's life.
don't get to close to the swirly make
don't let your nose be a salt shake
don't create for the sake of getting better at creating
create when you have something to show the world


(acoustic guitar) 1st part:


other part: