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X L X 1. 18. i'm a donut
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


power is the ability to do idiotic things and watch people interpret it as important and serious.
you must go blind in your mind before you can really see
feelin' bored, maybe i'll blow my head off or hang from a tree
and swing back and forth very slowly
i'm in love with bon jovi
da da da da daat daa daa
what kind of love?
what sort of creature are ye?
how strange
loop of poop makes the group droop
buccaneer johnny tastes his own eye
thermometrical apple gripped the face
the pomegranate said, "hey guys, i'm a pomegranate"
my corndog elbow is sorely getting old
i am god. i am god. i am god.
i am sam. i am god. i am superman.
i am god.
zap! pow! i just killed you
any last words? too late, you're dead
ha ha ha
how do like death? are you having fun?
shut up you're dead
you're a donut.
you're a donut.
you're a donut.
you're a donut.
i'm a donut.
you're a donut,
you're a donut.
you're a donut!
i'm a donut.
i'm bobby bob bob bob bobby bob bob.