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X L S 1. 20. the land of water
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


set your blood free take a dip in the ocean
or a swim in the bath
then go ahead and act like you're frozen
or sitting on a log with a stiff pet animal
wearing only cowboy boots and a bra
if you look my way i'm changing the channel
don't go towards the light, it's been turned on forever
sit in a dark corner until i can find the off switch
i'll find it when it's not so bright, not as soon as never
i'll join you in his corner, the coroner's the one with a twitch
a twitch and a seizure and a beheading all in one night
one night of leisure and of dreading and of flight
flight to the land of water in the sea of gravel
the frozen sea of gravel too big to swim
or drive or in any way travel


chords are Am, G, Dm in open positions. 

part A:
Am, G, Am, G, Am, G, Am, thing 


part B:
Dm, Am, Dm, Am, Dm, Am, Dm, thing