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X L X 2. 01. Happy
(Lyrics: paul; Music: reuben)


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i'm happy happy
happy 'cause my girlfriend dumped me
happy 'cause my dog shit in my shoes
i'm just happy. so happy
electric bill's 133 thousand dollars
i'm happy. happy that i don't know how to cook
so happy
happy that my grandmother died
happy that i don't have any clean clothes to wear
happy that i ate rotten eggs and now i really stink when i fart
i'm so happy that i flunked 7th grade
and i'm also happy that you hate my guts
and that you hit me with that baseball bat and now my arm's broken
the doctors say i'll never recover
i'm happy that you kicked my in the nuts
i'm happy they're inside of me and they're floating around in my stomach right now
i'm happy that i can't produce sperm any more
and it makes me happy happy yeah so happy
happy that i don't have cable tv
happy that i got stung by a bee
happy that tarantulas laid eggs on me
yeah i'm really happy
happy that my little son drowned in the pool
happy that my brother likes to drool
i'm so happy i don't have a life
i'm so happy i don't have a wife
happy that i don't have any money
happy that i can't eat any food
happy when i think about you.
is that the end?