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X L X 01. Aristocratic Prairie Dogs
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Spencer: don't go uieh biue buhu hhuo eei i wa i want you to stay and andand be my friend
Frieda Frog: what is a friend?
Spencer: doehu well uh friends, uh, help each other, and uh uh baeh well they play with each other, and ooh, have fun with each other! hoh friends spend time together and and go places together, and call each other by their first names! hhhoheh hoo well my my name is spencer huh
Frieda Frog: well, my name is frieda frog, and i'd like to be your friend. would that mean i wouldn't be alone anymore?
Spencer: ooh uhoo! friends do spend a lot of time together . . . but i know a way to be friends even when you're aloneoiiuheooaa!