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S L X 07. Pomegranix 2000
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A robot who has a job. The lyrics exist because there were some names of food that had not been used in Piz songs yet.


i'm a robot and i have a job
my job is to walk up stairs
up these stairs i carry some fruit
like oranges, kiwis, grapefruits & pairs
most of the time my job is okay
i like carrying fruit up stairs every day
but sometimes when i'm doing my job
my fruit falls down the stairs
i have to go down after the fruit
and pick it all up and go back up the stairs
i'm a robot and i have a job
i like my job but i hate my fruit
except bananas because they're good
they teach me how to turn trees into wood

[computer part:] peaches,,,,,,,,,, limes,,,,,,,,,,, oranges,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tomatoes,,,,,, yes, tomatoes, tomatoes are fruits because they have seeds,,,,,,,,,, anyway,,,, mangoes,,,,,, apricots,,,,,,, kiwis,,,,,,,, tangelos,,,,,,,, ugli fruits,,,,, strawberries,,,,,,,,,,, apples,,,,,, bananas,,,,,,, banananananananananananas,,,,,, oi,,,,, bananas,,,, pomegranates,,,,,,,,, pineapples,,,,,, grapes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, grapefruits,,,,,,,,,, pears,,,,,, bananannanananannananannanananannananas,,,,,,, nectarines,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, blueberries,,,,,,, blackberries,,,,,,,, lemons,,,,, plums,,,,,,,,, raspberries,,,,,,, cantaloupes,,,,,,, papayayayayayayyayayayayas,,, forgive me, papayas,,,, melons,,,,,