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X L X 21. The Blood Of Evil
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


you have tasted the blood of evil
thought it was sweet and now you want some more
you have druk the blood of the devil
done it again and have done it before
killing the lives of innocent beings,
you love to look and stare
knowing what you do it gives you feelings
but not enough that you will care
telling the children you know their problems
looking at them you say you're their friend
tell the people you know how to solve them
you've done your evil once again
taking the souls of all your brothers
you are blind to what you do
hurting yourself and one and other
you say you're mad but i am too
don't trust me and i don't trust you
don't trust anyone i run into
the world is filled with trash and evil
you're right there to bring the fear
knowing what you do it makes you deceitful
so leave the world and don't come here