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X L X 1. 04. Bob's Knife
(Lyrics: paul & jonbobby mcfee; Music: reuben w/ paul & jonbobby mcfee)


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i was walking to the market when i saw bob smarket
and he had a knife stuck in his arm
so i said "do you need help?" and he said "no, do you?" and ran off
then the police came and they beat me so i sang a song i was singing

do you wanna fly- yeah
do you wanna die- yeah
do you wanna cry- yeah
tough shit
aw man

so i started going home and i found a honeycomb
then i took a big bite
later that day a girl saw me and she said "what are all those red lumps"
and i said "it's part of teenage life"
then she said "you're 42"
so i said...

do you wanna fly- no
do you wanna die- no
do you wanna cry- no
tough shit
aw man