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X L X 2. 09. kill hurt death die pain mutilation decapitation destruction destroy doom
(Lyrics: paul & jonbobby mcfee w/jim; Music: reuben, Led Zeppelin, etc.)


1 2 3 4
kill die die death
death death kill uh destroy aah uh eh aaaah kill
hurt hurt pain
die death death kill kill
eli's dad walks in and we stop
yeah i don't know yeah just keep playing
i got a few more words
i would suggest that paul sleep on the mattress
a couple of sheets to throw down
yuoowayooyuh huuhuhahuhooya etc
alright start playing again
kill death die oah kill kill pain mutilation hurt hurt hurt
decapitation uh die uh die uh die kill death doom
aaaah death hurt pain kill death
okay that's enough death you sure that's enough
no keep playing i wanna uhuh yeah let's play some more
kill death death hurt ahh die kill kill
uuh. yhuhyuhyuhhuhuhuhuhyuhyu
kill kill kill death ahh pain
destroy hurt is that the end
no keep playing
woyadyalyaeya dwolya eyowoowayaya
die die hurt hurt hurt kill doom death die ahhhh
doom destruction pain ooohh kill rest in peace hurt aaahhh
gun blow your head off knife cut your arm off
shotgun blow your knee off something blow something off
light switch on die off die off die hut hut die hut hut die
hut hut off die off die off die off pain die die kill
pain pain hurt die die kill aah die die pain hurt kill aah
okay that's enough
hey that's enough hey cut it out
you need to stop playing hey we're not done
thwap aahh thwap hpwap
that was cool