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X L X 08. Officer Bobby & the Platypus
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


oi oi oi
oi oi oi
oi oi oi
officer bobby from the British police here
I'll beat ya 'till you're bloody, just because you're ugly
then I'll go get drunk with my imaginary friends,
real people don't like me,
and i hate them
officer bobby and the platypus

anarchist Johnny from the revolution squad here
gonna smash bobby's head in, with a big rock
guess what bobby buddy, I'm gonna beat you bloody
officer bobby and the platypus

officer bobby
oi! oi!
die officer bobby
oi! oi!
yer dead now bobby
oi! oi!
no more bobby
oi oi
lick it shov it keep it end it oi