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X L X 16. Officer Bobby's On the Boat
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


on the boat we don't need to take a bath 'cause
we've got lots of donuts (officer bobby) on the boat
on the boat we chop people in half heh heh heh
if we didn't then where'd we get our socks?
on the boat we wear funny tights all day
and then we put 'em on our head
on the boat we make friends with all the birdies
so they won't go poopin' on our boat (oi! oi!)
we pick up each others' eyeballs when we lose 'em
'cause we're all real friendly on the boat (here ya go!)
on the boat the cook throws guys in the big pot
and then he serves it up and calls it rice (mmm, rice!)
on the boat there's a guy with gold teeth
and none of us know who he is (it's officer bobby!)
on the boat every day is sunday
and we make up good excuses not to go to church
on the boat we all play with the funny rock
we're all proud zombie pirates on the boat!