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X L X 2. 12. Shut Up Eli
(Lyrics: jonbobby mcfee w/paul; Music: reuben)


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hey wouldn't it be funny if i went over and jumped in the trash can right now
shut up eli
i learned how to play bass tomorrow
shut up
hey i like that poster we have on the wall over there 'cause it's really cool
shut up eli
one time i was at school and my friend said hey eli and i said what
and he said you got two eyebrows
shut up eli
so so so then anyway i was saying no no i don't have two eyebrows i only have one eyebrow
because it goes all the way across my face you know what i mean so so then anyway i was standing
there and we were talking about stuff and he was telling me how his shirt had wrinkles in it and then
he he he was making more wrinkles in it with his hands
shut up
that's it we gotta get him
(thwack)(thud)AAH(thud)(various hitting noise)
you shut up when i tell you to shut up yeeuh
we're gonna have to burn this boy
wuaah AH