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S L X 02. The Orange Boat Apple Circus
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Sponsored in part by Orange Boat apples.


Hello, welcome to the circus
This isn't just any circus
It's the orange boat apple circus
Sponsored in part by orange boat apples
Try one today
That is, if we ever let you leave the circus
You'll notice to your left and to your right
There are exits for your convenience
You'll also notice that these exits are boarded up
You can't leave ha ha ha ha ha ha
I'd like to introduce myself but I can't I don't exist
This is my assistant robot man
He's made completely out of tin cans
Except for his soul; it's made from lots of things
Like purple fruit, bugs, ducks, and springs
And except for his eyes they're made out of pies
And except for his nose it's made out of a rose
And except for his hair it's made out of a pea
And except for his legs it's made out of eggs
And except for his brain it's made of a train
And except for his stomach it's made out of a stomach
And then there's my good friend fan man
He's made completely out of a fan
Except for his fan which is made out of a fan
Now watch us dance
We're dancing as you watch
We're dancing on your watch as you're watching us dance
We're watching you dance
You're dancing on my watch
I'm watching you dance on your own watch