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S L X 10. Hey Psycho
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A song about someone called "Psycho." The lyrics are from an idea that bobbobby mcfee had a few years ago that we finally got around to using. This song has some weird sounds in it, some of which are made by a mouth and an incredibly stupid effects processor.


Hey psycho
Do you like cheese
Let's go down to the dogs
We can eat like fleas hey psycho
And do what we please hey psycho
I know you think like the trees
You're a psycho
What's going on in there
Hey psycho
Here at the beach we don't need to wear socks
Just put on my wig and I'll call you Goldilocks
Hey psycho
I've got friends like the bears
They wear silk
They don't wear hair like you psycho
Scribble some dots
Connect the lines
Staple to my head I'll tell you what I find
Hey psycho
If it's chocolate coated, feed it to me
Like milk, or yellow like pee hey psycho
Hey psycho
Whatcha think about that now, psycho
Hey psycho