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X L X 25. Shrunken Heads
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Hi, I'm a crazy guy who likes to wander around your neighborhood. Mind if I come in? Thanks. Look at my big knife; isn't it big? Would you like some cheese? May I cut you some crackers? Oh what a nice dog; is it an elephant? May I shave it? So, what are you watching? May I eat you? How 'bout a slice of plastic? Say, let's take a ride—jump on my back, I'll fly us there. What color is that? Square? Say, I haven't cut your carpet today. Nickel? You want some? They're really good mmmm. You smell that pattern? Red green orange blue metal red green orange blue metal no no no (shut the door) Do you mind if sleep on your ceiling tonight? (shut the door) It keeps my hair warm and the blood pumping to my teeth. Well I guess it's time to go, I promised my dead horse I'd play the tramboney tonight. Don't worry though (shut the door) I'll come back in 2495 years. Hear ya then. Bye-bye.